Engagement Multiplier

Engage your team to grow your business. Learn what’s working, what’s not… and see where your organisation stands at a glance and turn hidden insights into actions that grow your business.

Employee Engagement - What does it really mean?

When you love what you do and see the positive impact your efforts make – and feel appreciated by others – you’ll naturally want to do your best work.

Engagement leads to creativity, positivity, productivity, and that feeling of camaraderie that can only happen when everyone brings their whole selves to work. It feels good to play at the top of your game with teammates who are doing the same thing. But you can only do that if you feel connected to a larger purpose.

Did You Know?

1 in 6 employees (16%) are actively looking for a new job.

46% of  employees would consider a better job opportunity even if they weren’t actively looking

83% of leaders say that talent acquisition is a #1 priority at their organisation. 

50% of small businesses say hiring new employees is the top challenge they face.

How Does Engagement Multiplier Help?


Starting with a ten-minute survey that’s secure, anonymous, and available on any device, you’ll see how your company scores and get feedback that provides immediate insights to guide your employee engagement program.


Know where to focus your efforts, create action plans to push your business forward, and energize your leaders and employees to help you stay on track.


Keep your best talent, solve personnel problems, and then focus on new opportunities. With your team empowered, they’ll help you grow your business.

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