Empower Your Team with Real-Time Insights

The Everything DiSC Catalyst platform provides personalised insights that enhance understanding of yourself and others, improving communication and collaboration. These tools enable your team to adapt to change, solve problems effectively, and build a resilient and agile organisational culture.

What is Everything DiSC Catalyst?

Catalyst is a personalised learning platform that serves as each learner’s hub throughout their DiSC® journey.

Supporting both instructor-led facilitation and individual exploration, Catalyst helps people adapt to others in real-time, enhancing engagement and enabling more effective workplace collaboration. Catalyst seamlessly integrates DiSC into daily workflows, ensuring that insights are easily applied and takeaways are readily implemented.

On Catalyst, Learners Gain Access To...

1. Your DiSC Style

Catalyst introduces learners to their unique DiSC style through a narrative-style format, providing personalised insights into behavioural preferences and tendencies. This foundational understanding paves the way for a transformative learning experience filled with “aha!” moments.

2. Your Colleagues

The “Your Colleagues” feature transforms insights into action by connecting learners with their colleagues and providing real-time tips for more effective interactions. Learners will uncover their colleagues’ strengths, preferences, tendencies, and stressors.

3. Your Groups

This engaging, interactive feature helps teams collaborate more effectively. By combining DiSC with actionable group insights, teams build cohesion and adapt behaviours for optimal performance. Learners can create multiple groups, map members on a DiSC chart, and illuminate team dynamics that influence results.

4. Get Advice

The “Get Advice” feature on Catalyst provides quick, actionable tips tailored to specific situations. Offering personalised and practical advice for connecting, collaborating, getting buy-in, and managing tension, this feature helps improve interpersonal communication in real-time.

5. Your DiSC Applications

Catalyst offers a variety of DiSC application content, including Workplace, Agile EQ, and Management. These resources are designed to help learners develop the social and emotional skills necessary for more effective interactions at work.

6. Your DiSC Profile Report

The Your DiSC Profile report is a highly personalised document that provides each learner with a comprehensive summary of their Everything DiSC on Catalyst assessment. The contents of the report vary based on the specific DiSC applications the learner has access to within their Everything DiSC on Catalyst experience.

Empower your team with real-time insights for improved collaboration and performance.

Here's What Our Clients Say...

Chris Woodman
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Informative and transformative — Jo and Craig's expertise in industrial psychology and genuine warmth has united and empowered us into a formidable team.
Yvonne Vigar, Founder of Astara Consulting
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Jo and Craig's expertise in workplace culture enhanced our client's communication seamlessly. Their professionalism and knowledge are unmatched, highly recommendable for any team looking to progress.
Head of Venues & Events, Campus Division, University of Bristol
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Thank you for the outstanding profiling session. It was the best I've ever experienced, and the team is buzzing with positive feedback!
Kurt Coleman, Managing Director
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Culture Stretch has been pivotal in enhancing our team's communication over the past 6 months. Their 'DiSC' tools have offered deep insights into our interpersonal dynamics, greatly impacting our workplace culture. Highly recommend their services.
Head of Client Onboarding
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Jo and Craig at Culture Stretch are exceptional. With over 35 years across sectors, I've found their services unmatched, fostering a more engaged, motivated, and productive team. Their client rapport and impactful tools stand out distinctly.
Jack Simmonds, Founding Director HISBE Food
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Culture Stretch transformed our leadership team over 6 months, fostering deeper connections and improved performance with tools like the Five Behaviours, providing a unique platform for dialogue that fostered a profound understanding amongst us, enhancing both our individual and collective performance.
CEO – Fintech business, London
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DiSC on Catalyst transformed our internal relationships, improving engagement and deepening connections across the business, even through lockdown and remote work challenges.

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